10411935_756003711108777_3131433505436351264_nI am a rapper and on this website you can read my lyrics and listen to my music. In my chronicle you will learn more about me and my history as a rapper. In addition to that there is a gallery with pictures of me and a playlist with my music videos.

News and links to all my online profiles are shown in the sidebar on the right.

———– Have fun, Prayamond ———–



Under releases you can listen to my albums, mixtapes and EPs and download. You can find all songs of mine, that have not appeared on a my albums when you click on individual tracks. Also I have compiled a best of list of all my personal favorite songs.


You will find a detailed list of all the remarkable events in my development as a rapper - from my beginnings
up to the present day. Warning: Oldschool photos included. ;)


Here you'll get me to face. Tip: to see current photos of me and my life, just follow me on Instagram.


I am very active on YouTube. I regularly film impressions of my life and everything what's new. But what you'll primarily find there are my music videos - and even lots of instructive material on how you become a rapper yourself.

Have fun!

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