Heute mal etwas anderes, eher im Poetry Slam Stil.

It hurts in my heart.

Will I ever forget you
or be able to let you
out of my heart
While I’ve enjoyed your words from the start?

Too hard. Too heavy.
Too far to get steady.
Not ready.
You won’t let me.

You don’t care.
Or maybe you don’t dare.
I cried but I tried
to understand and I might.

But the pain would stay.
Would not fade or go away.
So I pray.
Nothing else that remains.

And I love you, I still do.
Yes, maybe forever.
Wait. Maybe not.

It’s true, I hoped I could dwell.
But the heavy-laden loads his burden upon my shoulders as well.
Without knowing,
and I carry it all the time without showing.

For the alternative would be to leave you behind.
I see us together
so nothing like that could come into my mind.
Or wait. Maybe yes.

Maybe I guess I would die inside if I abide
I thought we could fly I still want to, but I won’t be doing this on your side
Because you ride
on your steed
somewhere on the ocean’s other side

And this ocean is deep.
Too deep I could see what’s within.
Too huge for having the power to swim.

So I try to protect me,
To accept that you reject me.
I want you to be happy
I love you.
But I love myself, too.

And I want myself to be happy.
With or without you.
I do.