Do I really need that shit, is it necessary to feel alive?
One time You let me fly,
another time you make me cry
But otherwise I have a boring life, I mean, it’s nice
Yes nice, that’s it! That’s why I like how you excite – me

I feel – that life feels real, when you are around me,
I used to be grounded, now it’s an up and down,
you took me on a flight, we dive deep
into our feelings but still slightly gliding above the sea

You make my life complete, I cannot imagine it any different
While I need it, receiving mere messages seems insufficient
I want more, I want passion, I want adventure, I want life
Maybe the time is not right but I won’t die until your eyes…

… finally unite with mine – meeting your deep soul
finally being on a trip, finally being home guess
this fucked up feelings’s what I really need my life
because I realize: You make me feel alive!